Does my fancy pair of heels  give you some hints about what I was up to yesterday's night? Oh well, I headed to Vilnius city once again to Juozas Statkevicius show 2015, like how could I miss the chance to set my eyes on his awesome pieces which really got me inspired for my next destination. It was Maroccan inspired fashion show. On my way I enjoyed my lovely night out in Old Town. And guys, there's nothing better than feeling Christmas spirit around to bring my mood up. It's still too early for me to get into talks about Christmas and so, but all decorations were already set and I was too weak for these, if someone by chance would have played some Christmas songs for me...For a beautiful night a special outfit! The whole point was in my long ZARA coat and black ZARA shoes. I didn't pay much attention to what was under it. Black and white combo always makes me feel ensured about my look. These colors are for the win! Jackpot!


  1. super:) xx

  2. I think we're quite similar as I also cant hold it against Christmas, it's such an exciting and meaningful event and of course Christmas shopping's just a wonderful spree xx Simply love this look, U look very stunning, chic and elegant, the Zara coat's so lovely and those heels are on point xx Hope u'll have a lovely weekend probably shopping for Christmas xx

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  3. Well, I'm officially obsessed with your style and your blog. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! I have now followed you <3

    Kaylyn Nicole


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