It's the first time I do post like this, but what can I do when these masterpieces just blew me away at the show and I'm so excited to share my favorites with you. Juozas Statkevicius is a well-known designer in Lithuania. Perhaps, It wouldn't be wrong for me to call him a fashion genius. Because, believe me, he is. I'll shortly tell you what show was about. When I first came in , I noticed Moroccan inspired decorations that was so awesome for me, because it has already been three or four weeks I have been crazy about these hot climate countries (after my Turkey trip). In the middle of the hall were a big flower fountain, around it a bunch of rugs. That was a cultural thing, and it made that cool atmosphere right there. The traditional music started playing and some local people came out, took their rugs and headed to the runway's beginning, there they spend all the remaining time. That was an amazing show! Photos are taken by Ramūnas Tanguris

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