My "Back to school" post that was supposed to show up on September is finally here, didn't expect it to be this late. Despite this fact, I believe, the result is more important, and the more time it takes, the better it is. So here you go, guys! My styling for 8 To Go. The main point was to create three different styles around these formal uniforms for school. With a little help of accessories me and sis coped with that perfectly. Young fashion is basically what it is. To focus on students' feelings about the school uniforms, I'm sure that, school-wear can be admired if you can only mix your style accents to it! And need to mention that 8 To Go has an amazing variety of lovely uniforms! You can see some in these photos!

Models: Kristupas & Gertrūda
Photos by LaPhoto
Hair style by Džimis Dakota Hair Stylist 
Make up by Makeup Your Mind
Style by Eva & Laura Macij

SPONSORS: Glitch-MOD, PYKOK, UNDER MY ROOF, Happy Socks, Deichmann, Magnetico


  1. Adorable outfits!


  2. Love your style!

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