Have you organized your clothes for this autumn and winter? asked me to show how my autumn wardrobe looks like (you can imagine the mess I've made of my room this morning). I added some tips that I use every time I'm organizing my clothes.

  •  To start with, just grab all your clothes that have summer smell on it and make sure it never sees your closet again until next summer. You definitely need your wardrobe makeover!

  •   Look how clean and tidy it looks! Now it's easier to create my autumn looks that basically includes sweaters, knitwear, shirts and even some dresses. On the other side of wardrobe- outwear! Everything is in the right places!

  • With shoes it gets more complicated. I have so many pairs and yet I don't really feel like packing them up and leaving outdoors. Because I love my shoes!! So I choose to pack some pairs into boxes and leave it in my wardrobe until the next season!

  •  And shoes which I wear everyday are always ready to head outside.

 I'm so thankful to  who made me do this post! They're amazing! For all Lithuanian girls who are about to do their wardrobe makeover. If you have some stuff to get out is a great place for you. Sell, buy or exchange your clothes! 


  1. owh... seems so awesome!
    have fun when choosing autumn/winter looks! <3

  2. Great post and lovely pictures

    Love Vikee


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