During my stay in Bodrum I've collected bunch of captures and shots to show you how things were in Turkey. To be honest while living my daily routine here, I'm still heading back to Bodrum with my precious memories. Check it out!

Decided to give some space for Eva's happy morning. Need to share these things in awhile.

Amazing view of Aegean sea and yeah everywhere I've been in Bodrum, every corner had something to look at!

Natural Turkish mandarins, a sweet place we found on the main street in Bodrum, bought some sweets! The other part of the day was spent on our blogs!

Just one shot inside the Bodrum Bay Resort. Beautiful, huh?

Evening with traditional Turkish coffee and some sweets. The next day was so hot, we spent our time lying on the beach.

First visit at shopping center, the first view was this big aquarium.

Breathtaking view, it was worth my best outfit of the evening! 

Our saddest moment - leaving moment! We were amazed by awesome people there who were really sweet and suddenly gave us these flowers on the last day! We will never forget them! To be more brightened about our flight back we went to shop some VS stuff!


  1. Great photos:)) xx

  2. Awesome photos!


  3. I'm totally in love with your style.

    There's a new outfit online, I'm waiting for you!


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