I have never thought that styling people for shoots can be this awesome and fun. Once you find your true passion, you hardly can let go of it, it becomes like home for you as time passes on. I may be less clever in a field I don't feel passion for, but can surely say that styling is one of my things that I feel pretty familiar with. Helping out in a shooting site is now something I can do for days. It's like I discovered some new and important side of me. By the help of some amazing people I had couple of chances to taste the stylist job. Not only swirling around in the studio and telling the model to wear this jacket or this coat. I talking about sudden rushing to the mall and going out with full hands, holding those biggest store's bags with needed clothes inside, that covers half of your body  and it's such pain to get home. I still love this! Guys, I can feel that the new journey of my life has started!

Here you go some backstage shots and video. Everyone was in a good mood and ready to do a great job! Styling this guy and making him look good in those Bershka outfits + Danija shoes!


  1. Fabulous post
    Amazing pictures

    Love Vikee

  2. Nice:) x

  3. It's so fun 2 be a part of a photo shoot like this and it'd be more special 2 be the stylist and take on responsibility of the styling section xx The looks of Bershka are awesome on him, i love that hooded sleeveless jacket xx U look so amazing as well, a bit sassy with the fur and a bit of swag with those ripped jeans, it's just perfect xx


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