1960'S FEVER

Collection by Laura Macij

1.  Miss Elaine takes you to The Land of Bayberry shorty nightgown Caprolan ad 1968.

2. Marisa Berenson photographed by Gianni Penati, August 1967, Vogue.

3. Sylvia Miles as Cass Trehune Midnight Cowboy 1969 Film.

4. September 1968. ‘Romeo & Juliet casts the spell of yesterday over the up-tempo fashions of today.’

5. Patons Aran Look No. 161, 1960s.

6. Sharon Tate 60s.

7. New York, photographed for Stern, July 1960.

8. Lingerie, National Bellas Hess catalog, Winter 1960.

9. Through the window at Biba, 1969.

10. Biba Shop The Biba boutique in London in the 1960s. Photograph: Peter Mitchell.

11. Pillbox £4.40; silver/black choker £23.50, diamante earrings £2.40; clear Perspex/gilt bangles £1.90; sequinned clutch bag, £7.95; silver/black T strap shoes also in gold/black £8.95, all from Biba.

12. Roy Halston Frowick, 1960.

 13. Dorothea McGowan by Frances McLaughlin-Gill, 1960.

14. Twiggy 1960s.

15. Francoise Hardy, 1960s.

16. Twist 1960s.

17. Knitting fashion, Jardin des Modes August 1964.

18.  Bleyle summer dresses, 1967.

19. 1960s beachwear.

20. Silhouette Swimwear, 1960s.

21. Guy Laroche and Pierre Cardin, Elegance (Dutch) April 1960.

22. Lanvin-Castillo and Jean Patou, Grazia (Italy) June 1960.

 23. L'Officiel, September 1960.

24. Model in Apartments of Suzanne Luling, 1960.

25. 1957 Givenchy Dress.

26. Model and Lincoln Continental by John Rawlings, 1960. 7-1953 John Rawlings. Strapless Givenchy Swimsuit photographed by John Rawlings - Vogue - July 1953.

27. Marie Lise Gres and unidentified model in straw rollers, photo by John french, 1960's.

28. Audrey Hepburn, Paris 1960s Givenchy.

29. Audrey Hepburn, wearing Givenchy - in Charade.

30. 1960s Radio.

31. Striped summer dresses, Burda Moden Spring/Summer 1963.

32. Vespa 1960s, British culture

33. Swinging London 1960s style.

34. On 16 February 1967 Lesley Horn (better know as Twiggy), launched her first fashion label know as “Twiggy Dresses” each item came with a free Twiggy portrait hanger. 

35. Lisa Byrd Thomas - Hip Fashion Stylist: 1960's Fashion Photographer - Melvin Sokolsky.

35. Rod Steiger with his wife Claire Bloom poses in Venice, 1963.  

36. Scene from "Rocco and His Brothers", Venice 1960.

37. Novella (Italy) July 1964.

38. Amsterdam, 1960.


40. Gown by Jean Patou, Jours de France August 1961.

41. Photojournalist Bill Eppridge captures skateboarding's humble beginnings in the urban setting of New York City.

42. Audrey 1960 on the terrace of the Hotel Hassler, in Rome, with the telegram announcing her best-actress award, for The Nun's Story.

43. Hippies at Woodstock Music Festival, 1969. Photo by Derek Redmond and Paul Campbell.


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  6. Wonderful post and inspiration!

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  7. This is just 2 much for me 2 handle at once, it's so beautiful the 60s fashion, with such elegance from the blazer, knee length pencil skirts, colourful outfits, gorgeous vintage hats, and beautiful models with lovely makeup, bold coloured lips and really defined eye makeup with wings <3 <3 Thank u for sharing this and have a fantastic day, my lovely xx


© Laura Macij
Maira Gall