Tuesday, 16 December 2014


 Vinted.lt mixed me up in all those Christmas wishes that are posted here in this special article! I didn't consider doing my Christmas wishlist this year, but thanks to Vinted.lt I became inspired by so many items they provide and I changed my mind. It took me awhile to create a perfect list for you, my readers! Christmas is coming and some of us is still looking for a perfect present. Well check out my wishlist and maybe you will get an idea! I begin with these sunnies that is such a fashionable item, white sunglasses is perfect for classy looks. You can find them here.

Saturday, 13 December 2014


 I'm continuing with my styling projects! Some weeks ago, I was so excited to take part in Etiquette winter cover shoot, handling all the styling by myself and as it was not my first time in that field, I felt like a super stylist, completely turned into that character. No one can't deny that matching gold details and fur all together is like playing in a playground for me (as some of you knows fur coat and gold combos are my favorite!). Of course, getting in too much luxury would be a strong mistake for a cover, that would create a cheap look, so to avoid that no other accessories besides necklaces were included. However, talks about clothes which were provided by our sponsors will be on the next post, when magazine has come out. What is more, I want to say a good word about models. They were just amazing, perfectly realized my ideas and worked naturally. I created a quick backstage video for you!

Sunday, 7 December 2014


Talks about weather gets to idea that I have nothing to talk about, but as some of you may know, weather plays a big role in fashion blogger's life. Mostly it's the reason photos are ruined or are in a bad quality. Or on windy days it's hard to keep your hair pretty stylized. Anyway, when I have become a blogger, I started to count time more than anytime in my life. Time also plays a big role here, sometimes it can be a big problem. I need to get everything planned so we arrive at the exact time, when it is still sunny, but not too much so the shots will come out good.  For these shots, it was already too dark, yet I found a great spot with some light coming out of the hotel windows. And no worries about my messy hair, decided to toss it a little so everything would look as it was planned. I'm just being honest right now! I saved my day from becoming a real disaster. The biggest thanks to http://www.geocolouredlenses.com who let me feel like a brown-eyed girl today. Amazing eye lenses! You can try some different eye colors too in a safe and long-term way! GCL provides the finest quality eye lenses!

Thursday, 4 December 2014



Hello Guys! How are you? I hope you're good. Talking about myself, I'm doing pretty good these days. A little more action before all the holidays, but that's all cool when I can share these things with you. I'm very happy that 8 To Go team thought about us and invited to Gėda Pelėda- new brand of bags launch in 8 To Go store in Vilnius. I was so excited all my way to Vilnius about those bags that I had heard of and soon were about to see them, I was very nervous. Just be sure you scroll through the photos I have made this evening, because I want you to see how awesome they look! Leather bags: amazing color selection, different designs and of course the best quality. Before getting a look around the shop, guests were warmly welcomed with free coffee service that was a great start of the event. The cool atmosphere was created by the good music that Jovani (well-known lithuanian dj) played. On top of that, the main star of the evening , the author of these bags was chatting with her guests all the evening and made sure that everyone was having a great time.
For this occasion I chose to wear something fast and easy. Wanted to feel super comfy and yep I was! My adorable H&M skirt played well with Sheinside sweater under my Zara coat and the whole look was super sweet and matched the theme pretty well, I think.

Sunday, 30 November 2014


The first collection that I took part in was by Mellow. They're amazing, winners for the second time! And I was already familiar with the second collection, it was the second event I wore their clothes. This time a little bigger change to my hair, but that's alright as long as I have something left on my head after washing it haha. And yes, the experience I had gained walking one of their outfits was useful this time. Well, clothes aren't an easy piece to walk in, I could move barely and shoes were falling of my feet. In any case, I like Design Days and I like to attend it as a model, watch everything from the side of the backstage and experience it with my lovely model friends. Let's meet next year!
I do not own any of these photos! Source