Monday, 24 November 2014


 So now traditionally one day of November is dedicated to the fashion day "Design Days", which took part in the railway station this year. Sounds kinda crazy right? Maybe this year I liked it more because of the better conditions for preparing as you can see, I came up with much more photos than from the previous show. That time, all the models and staff there told to get ready in the small room of the theater, it was really uncomfortable, but well, we made it to the great show so it was alright. If you haven't  seen it yet head to Design Days 2013. This year, somehow, the feeling was different. Maybe because I have got better as a model, don't really know. But the show looked as a big thing and, I think, I did my part great, so I'm very proud of myself. My second outfit was a challenge for me. Despite the fact that I have already tried the same collection at different show, the heels didn't let me go easy. Okay, forget the heels, I really thought that I'd never see my shiny hair again because of the hairstyle the stylist had made for me. Well, I just gave you some hints and you can look for the photo  below to find out what look I'm talking about.

Sunday, 23 November 2014


 In the latest issue of Etiquette e-magazine you can find my other works such as my collection of graphics or other pics of my styling, but let's leave that for the next post. Today I'm so excited to show you my two series of collages inspired by autumn season trends. For the first one, let it be called "60's fashion" (haha I'm still not over it) and the second is all about pink and blonde match, the girly stuff that I have made out of A/W 2014 runway trends. Check it out!

Saturday, 22 November 2014


I've been waiting so much to show you these shots that I have screenshoted from Etiquette e-magazine pages. Looking at them kinda reminds me of my creative moments of autumn beginning. Back then, I was so inspired by 60's autumn trend and got involved in a project with Etiquette magazine right away.  Beside my stylist position there, I took part as a model as well. That way it was much funnier and easier to realize my ideas and make them real. Cat-eye sunglasses that we are thankful for to Shopingas-tau, scarfs covering our hair and some of my mom's clothes that I found really suitable for the shoot, was the main key to bring this project to life. Thanks to girls and our photographer Nikas Terescenko.

Monday, 17 November 2014


 It's the first time I do post like this, but what can I do when these masterpieces just blew me away at the show and I'm so excited to share my favorites with you. Juozas Statkevicius is a well-known designer in Lithuania. Perhaps, It wouldn't be wrong for me to call him a fashion genius. Because, believe me, he is. I'll shortly tell you what show was about. When I first came in , I noticed Moroccan inspired decorations that was so awesome for me, because it has already been three or four weeks I have been crazy about these hot climate countries (after my Turkey trip). In the middle of the hall were a big flower fountain, around it a bunch of rugs. That was a cultural thing, and it made that cool atmosphere right there. The traditional music started playing and some local people came out, took their rugs and headed to the runway's beginning, there they spend all the remaining time. That was an amazing show! Photos are taken by Ramūnas Tanguris

Friday, 14 November 2014


Does my fancy pair of heels  give you some hints about what I was up to yesterday's night? Oh well, I headed to Vilnius city once again to Juozas Statkevicius show 2015, like how could I miss the chance to set my eyes on his awesome pieces which really got me inspired for my next destination. It was Maroccan inspired fashion show. On my way I enjoyed my lovely night out in Old Town. And guys, there's nothing better than feeling Christmas spirit around to bring my mood up. It's still too early for me to get into talks about Christmas and so, but all decorations were already set and I was too weak for these, if someone by chance would have played some Christmas songs for me...For a beautiful night a special outfit! The whole point was in my long ZARA coat and black ZARA shoes. I didn't pay much attention to what was under it. Black and white combo always makes me feel ensured about my look. These colors are for the win! Jackpot!