Friday, 22 May 2015


Houndstooth skirt is definitely one of my oldest clothes that I have in my wardrobe and it's the piece that I repeatedly wear during all seasons, despite it's cold or hot. I just love how the pattern plays in with other details such as my ribbon. It looks more playful. Black and white shades made it so much easier for me to decide upon my outfit. These days I'm into fringe clothing, it was the reason why I put on my number one fringe jacket. What do you think about the look?

Sunday, 17 May 2015


A few weeks ago 'Apkalbos' happened in Kaunas. I first joined this fashion show last year and after previous experience there, I expected the same hard work and tiring rehearsals and preparations for a good evening show this year. Anyway, the most exciting part for me was just watch things happening in the backstage, meet new and interesting people. In fact, I was wearing the same collection as my sister in another fashion event (collection in the first photo, designer: Dovilė Kemėšytė) and during the second collection we walked on the runway together, for the first time! Hopefully, this time there were not many impressive hairstyles and make-ups which go over my imagination, except that lip gloss was all over my cheeks and forehead for the glittering effect, but it was kind of bearable (laugh)!

Friday, 15 May 2015


Back with the new baby bag which I got as a gift from the super lovely and awesome Deichmann team! They always keep surprising me and I couldn't be more thankful. Because of this black babe I created another look and once again I prepared some special shots for you! Am I the only one who's avoiding jewelry? No matter how I'd tried to mix in some necklaces or some rings to my outfit, I'd never really come out wearing them this season. What's going on? Did I get the simplicity fever or something? However, this was the time I put on my new Mohito necklace. As it is black I matched it easily. It came to me in a gift bag from our shopping center. There was an amazing contest there, which I'll talk about soon! Who's ready for summertime? I'm more than ready to welcome summer, but need to wrap up this super productive month, I still have a lot to share so stay updated!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Speaking of my outfit that I was wearing in Rasa Roze event, I'm quite satisfied and happy about my choice, my jumpsuit, more precisely. This was the second time I put this red piece on me, however my readers hadn't got the chance to see me in it before, so encouraged by this fact and another fact that the weather was just perfect for such outfit, I went out wearing this red jumpsuit from Boohoo. To make it more interesting and outstanding, decided to mix some other details, which turned it to kind of a 'safari chic' look, don't you think? I love how my Guess purse played along with other colors and it was such a enjoy and, in fact, a little pain to try walking in my Zara heels for the first time.  

Sunday, 10 May 2015


A few weeks ago I was invited to Rasa Roze the new collection of the vintage bags presentation which was held in Kaunas State Musical Theater. We had a remarkable evening in Baroque atmosphere with classical music and ballet dancers carrying these amazing vintage bags. I was amazed by how glamorous everything looked! Check the captured moments below! Be ready for my outfit photos soon!