Sunday, 22 March 2015


Hello guys, today I want to get into talks about the smartphone Samsung Galaxy A5 which I had been using for couple of weeks before I gave it back, I kinda miss it right now. I think it's the amazing camera that I miss the most, it captures moments as it happens and it owns some extra functions such as a new wide selfie or animated selfie which is really wanted in blogger's life as I try to take bunch of photos and want it to be unique, in high quality or just beautiful. Fashionistas, get your eyes on this! This may be your key to awesome picture kingdom on Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest pages! 

Thursday, 19 March 2015


Yesterday I was feeling super cozy layered up in my black fur coat, under it I was wearing my long dress which is a must-have piece for me this year. Seriously, if you still don't have one in your closet, go and buy it at Mohito! Easy to match and comfortable to wear, remember myself wearing this in Fuerteventura without any bottom and it looked just gorgeous, but looks like it goes pretty well with some pants underneath too. 

Saturday, 14 March 2015


One day I remember myself working on collages and graphics for my blog and it was when I discovered an amazing collection of scarves by Hermes spring 2015. Colors and designs crossed my mind. It inspired me to get one scarf for myself and play with it, match it and create new looks. So basically, this is the story how I've come up with this style idea in photos. I'm so happy I got this green designed scarf by W' D' Loreen and as I'm desperately in love with 60s trend (still didn't get over it) I made this look inspired by this trend, my H&M skirt just came in handy, because the texture on it is definitely the detail I needed in this look. However, I'm sure these type of scarves is the great accessory I'm looking forward to wearing later on in spring season. Maybe next time I will come up with new trends to show you, guys!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


 Good evening, lovies! So I've been lost in my own thoughts these days. Nothing to expect when everything you do is laying in your bed, reading a book or watching your favorite TV shows, in the end of the day- planning your blog. And these free hours for myself is because of the cold I caught and can't go outside. That's totally fine with me! Well, unless I feel great. One thing I had in my schedule was to post this article and show you some shots from the shoot we did a week ago in really cold weather. Yes, to unbutton my coat was a bad idea. I'm a crazy one, I've told you!

Monday, 9 March 2015


 It's hard to explain how much I adore fur coats and this one that I'm wearing, it has been my favorite for about three years right now. On wavy days, it's the first piece I choose to wear. I matched it with my new dress from Mohito and the boots from boohoo which I totally adore! It's exactly the same outfit I was wearing to Deichmann meeting in Vilnius, decided to repeat some shots, cause the ones I've done earlier turned out really bad. To complete the look, I applied the lovely Geo Coloured Lenses. These brown lenses looks quite interesting how my natural eye color shows in the center. So awesome!