Tuesday, 2 September 2014


I have never thought that styling people for shoots can be this awesome and fun. Once you find your true passion, you hardly can let go of it, it becomes like home for you as time passes on. I may be less clever in a field I don't feel passion for, but can surely say that styling is one of my things that I feel pretty familiar with. Helping out in a shooting site is now something I can do for days. It's like I discovered some new and important side of me. By the help of some amazing people I had couple of chances to taste the stylist job. Not only swirling around in the studio and telling the model to wear this jacket or this coat. I talking about sudden rushing to the mall and going out with full hands, holding those biggest store's bags with needed clothes inside, that covers half of your body  and it's such pain to get home. I still love this! Guys, I can feel that the new journey of my life has started!

Monday, 1 September 2014


What to wear? Black! It's always black, guys! Black is elegant, relieves your classy side or it can either give you a perfect street look. Picking yourself an outfit but dunno what it should look like? Look for a black! Black is always the answer. Have you ever heard this saying? -"If There Was a Colour Darker Than Black I’d Wear It ". Can't really imagine the color, but I'm sure it's not because black makes you look thinner or it matches everything. It's just the right color choice!

Sunday, 31 August 2014


For a few weeks I've been inspired by 60's trends, what's to come this autumn. As I'm still working with Etiquette e-magazine, this time it's the styling I had to do. For the trends, they include small details that come from 60 century, but in " The new 60's " Project, I want more than just details. I want to get that feeling! So for you guys a backstage video. Enjoy!

Saturday, 30 August 2014


It was a bad bad idea to take shots in this background haha! My fault! But yeah today I want to get into talks about my outfit details, because it's worthy! Because my outfit is definitely something new and unseen for you up until now. So the whole sweatshirt and sweatpants combo are my gift from 8 To Go. It feels so awesome and comfy to wear. I thought that my look to #FRESHVILNIUS event should look very cozy, but  yet shouldn't cross the line so I jumped in my mirror-like heels that I bought on sale in Mohito and felt super happy wearing them cause it gave classy touch to it. Something matchy and catchy is definitely my Deichmann purse that I love to wear all on my wrist. 

Friday, 29 August 2014


Today I want to brag about my new experience in Vilnius. I've got an invitation to #FRESHVILNIUS rooftop Opening and it was such an honor to be there. The decorations and the main point of this rooftop - garden - created amazing view together, like it's not enough you could see the beautiful panorama of Vilnius old town. Music, free vegetarian snacks and drinks made me feel more welcoming there and if I haven't said it yet- the atmosphere was super great. Beside all those snacks, the chef who made all those vegetarian goodies, made another part of them for people to see and let everyone give a bite. At the end guests were all freezed and focused to the confectioner Ali who is famous in Vilnius for his super delicious desserts. It was rather a show for me how he made those sweets, but  after I tasted it, I could tell that it was more than delicious. Do you want to hear something strange? We ate all that in those plates which turns out - can be eaten too. Was an awesome evening, amazing experience that I need to be thankful  to Samsung that made it all happen. Going to talk about my outfit details in next post. So be prepared!