Friday, 29 August 2014


Today I want to brag about my new experience in Vilnius. I've got an invitation to #FRESHVILNIUS rooftop Opening and it was such an honor to be there. The decorations and the main point of this rooftop - garden - created amazing view together, like it's not enough you could see the beautiful panorama of Vilnius old town. Music, free vegetarian snacks and drinks made me feel more welcoming there and if I haven't said it yet- the atmosphere was super great. Beside all those snacks, the chef who made all those vegetarian goodies, made another part of them for people to see and let everyone give a bite. At the end guests were all freezed and focused to the confectioner Ali who is famous in Vilnius for his super delicious desserts. It was rather a show for me how he made those sweets, but  after I tasted it, I could tell that it was more than delicious. Do you want to hear something strange? We ate all that in those plates which turns out - can be eaten too. Was an awesome evening, amazing experience that I need to be thankful  to Samsung that made it all happen. Going to talk about my outfit details in next post. So be prepared!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Good news! Just recently I ended up with two projects so far, so of course I have some backstage photos for you. 8 To Go invited me and sister to take part in their project and got us involved in all that "styling" thing, what is awesome experience for me. And that's not all, we also did some modeling there! What can be better?? That's why I'm so excited right now! While we are in the middle of waiting for photos, I'm right about to show you my shots that I took backstage. Just click the button below! To keep that small intrigue, I made some of them black&white.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


I can be artistic, inspiring person but sometimes I just feel like kiddo in my ten years old when I just desperately can't let go of summer. Ok, not that desperately. It's very normal to feel this way, cause summer has mostly positive and awesome moments, beautiful times and experience that we hope to keep for the rest of our days. Yeah, I had that emotional feeling today. So decided to post this funny cartoonized picture of me that shows me who still can't let go of summer, still has those summertime dreams. Ooh it's summertime sadness !

Sunday, 24 August 2014


So much going on lately...Projects projects projects! Thinking about buying myself a book to write my schedule down, cause my head can just explode! Yesterday was raining, a lot! What did we do? Just turn our chill moods on and sat near a big window so I could see the view outside. Sometimes it helps to stable our minds.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


How was your day, guys? The weather here got a little cooler so I woke up with an aching throat. What a morning! After drinking my favorite morning tea I felt a lot better and luckily because of my busy schedule I was feeling almost alright. Got some plans with 8 To Go team, as we are preparing for the new project that will show up here very very soon. It was mentioned on my facebook page once, so if you haven't followed me yet I recommend you to do it if you're interested in my work affairs or just want to see my goods and bads from time to time haha... I'm still more into positive things. This was the day when I felt like being classy again, it's probably because of my new Zara coat that I wanted to brag about for a long time. Super cozy! It is something I bought to wear on school days, but you know how it happens: just thought of trying this on in front of the mirror and I was like -whoah! It goes super well with my beige-white shades- Most importantly I ended up being warm and feeling super healthy. Have a good sleep, dears!